Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Skeletons in the Closet

i am literally putting the skeletons back in the closet.  goodbye halloween.  christmas is around the corner!  my glittery bony friends share a space in our 3rd floor "box room" with the other treasures that i either can't part with or really just haven't gotten around to pitching.   boxes never even opened since our move here 12 years ago and other "stuff" block a path to the christmas decorations.  the skeleton is out...i'm a secret hoarder!
i set off on an organizational tangent.  i pack full one car load of yesterday's treasures, to be shipped to our local thrift store, with the hope of some of it being rediscovered.  i am squeezing in thanksgiving...thinking gratitude as i survey the goods.
i finally part with the maternity clothes (11 years in storage).  i know friends who can't wait to rid themselves of these monster clothes.  why have I held on to these silly parachute items?  if by chance i was graced with pregnancy again, one would hoot and holler if i actually wore these!  holding on to that precious time when my baby girls were safe and sound in the womb?  now the oldest is preparing to leave the nest and college admission letters clutter the desk. 
time to part with the baby blankets, burp cloths, changing pads, toddler shoes, and the beatrice potter mobile.  in the box they go...  but wait...  i see that little blob of a bunny that sat in her crib awaiting her arrival.  i bring it to my face and breathe deep and smell the sweet scent of my once little girls.  i am reminded of my dream to be a mommy which came forth four times.  i have hope that by letting them go, giving them back to God, i will make room for more dreams.  thank you, my little rediscovered velveteen rabbit, for holding onto this sweet fragrance for me today.  you are coming with me out of the closet.  you will sit upon a shelf in my new creative space and encourage me to hope, to dream, to fly.