Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yesterday...she turns 18

Yesterday, I was navigating the roads of new mama-hood.  
Yesterday, my dream of being a mother came true.  
Yesterday, she turned 18.
    Today, I'm navigating the roads 
                  of letting her go.



D.O.B. March 23,1993

First Love

Finding out you’d soon enter my world
Worrying that I might lose you
Feeling the fluttering inside me
Gazing at your eyes for the first time
Amazed at the miracle of you.

Enticing you to take those first steps
Fearing that you would stumble and fall
Celebrating each year of your life
Smiling at the sound of your giggle
Amazed at the miracle of you.

Encouraging you to try something new
Rejoicing as you crossed the finish
Hearing your laughter with friends
Seeing your eyes light up over love
Amazed at the miracle of you.

Watching you drive down the rode away
Wondering if you were afraid
Waiting for you to return home safe
Thanking the angels for keeping watch
Amazed at the miracle of you.

Hoping… & longing… & praying…
         that you’ll seek me again for wisdom
that you will one day like me again
                  that you will gaze at me with wonder
that you will remember your first love
                  that you’ll come to know the  loving soul
that lives within the mother who is
amazed at the miracle of you.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fearlessness is Bliss...

For the past 6 months this blog has been my secret playground...a place to pretend I'm a writer, a place to dream of being an artist and a photographer, a place to scrapbook my favorite images and quotes and journal entries.  
When I was little, I carved a niche out of my tiny closet; the walls plastered with Leif Garrett, Donny Osmond, and David Cassidy.  I'd sneak away and plug Leif's latest 8-track into the player and I'd just sit, draw, and dream.  
Today I'm letting a couple of my dear friends into my hideaway, into my playground!  I'm scared to death they'll think it's weird.  I never dreamed I'd feel so vulnerable.  What will they think of me?
Today's words for the day are "fearlessness is bliss".  
I'm letting go of fear.  
I'm taking a leap into bliss. 
1-2-3 Jump!  

-Jump, Madonna