Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fearlessness is Bliss...

For the past 6 months this blog has been my secret playground...a place to pretend I'm a writer, a place to dream of being an artist and a photographer, a place to scrapbook my favorite images and quotes and journal entries.  
When I was little, I carved a niche out of my tiny closet; the walls plastered with Leif Garrett, Donny Osmond, and David Cassidy.  I'd sneak away and plug Leif's latest 8-track into the player and I'd just sit, draw, and dream.  
Today I'm letting a couple of my dear friends into my hideaway, into my playground!  I'm scared to death they'll think it's weird.  I never dreamed I'd feel so vulnerable.  What will they think of me?
Today's words for the day are "fearlessness is bliss".  
I'm letting go of fear.  
I'm taking a leap into bliss. 
1-2-3 Jump!  

-Jump, Madonna

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