Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To Catch a Dream: Words in Flight

It's finished!   
In January I jumped.  I signed up for The Fiction Project and set about the task of making this little book.  On my morning walks with my Labradors, words would flutter about my head.  I jotted down these morning words and phrases when ever I found a moment. 
When the blank black journal arrived in the mail, it took over a month to get the courage to start.  I had to make a conscientious decision to just play, and I finally dove in.  
Finding the time to "play" was difficult.  I had to give myself permission to enter into this creative world and play.  I pretended to be a real artist... a real writer... creating away in my art studio.  
 And on these days I was free.

-Walking on a Dream, Empire of the Sun

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