Friday, September 9, 2011

Yellow Lotus

This story of the lotus began with a  simple post to my new favorite blog, The Lovefeast Table, in response to the question...  
"What gives you life?"
     ..."My morning time with God in my backyard sanctuary space, while my teenage daughters sleep.  It is here that I read my devotionals and daily Bible reading.  It is here that I journal God's whispers.  It is here that I connect with other creative souls across the way."
To my surprise I learned a week later that I was a winner of the Lovefeast Table's Life give away by the featured artist, Gussy, from Gussy Sews!  I was the winner of a cute little wristlet!  And even more thrilling was the feedback the gals at Lovefeast gave me.  They described my blog as "adorable and inspiring" 
     To inspire...this is my hope and dream for this little blog.
So the story of the lotus goes like this...
I needed to respond to Gussy Sews with my pattern selection for my adorable wristlet.  So many sweet ones to choose from.  I finally chose the "Yellow Lotus" pattern...yellow being my favorite color.
Back up a few steps.  Right before I shot off this email to Gussy Sews I took courage and sent an email to a local gal forming a group to discuss The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.  I did the 12 week spiritual journey on my own last winter, and loved it.  But taking this journey with other women scared me and thrilled me at the same time.  I felt the whispers to sign on, but I was anxious to push the send.  But I did  it.  1-2-3 send...and then on to the pattern selection.  Yellow Lotus.

A few minutes later... "you've got mail"...a response from the Artist's Way group informing me of the location of the meetings...  Lotus Center Yoga.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Serendipity, yes.  Affirmation came in a fabric pattern that day, affirmation that I was on my way...the artist's way.
I looked up the meaning of the lotus and found this little flower to have many legends and spiritual significance of purity and resurrection and enlightenment within its petals.  Its roots are in the mud, but it rises through the murky waters to blossom clean and bright.  I was recently reading about the 7th chakra corresponding to the crown of the head, the "thousand-petaled lotus" that is said to explode like a fountain of light at the moment of enlightenment.  I like this image of the lotus as a crown.

So I put on my yellow crown and head to the porch. I take this whisper of affirmation and share my story of the lotus with other creative souls...with the hope to inspire. 

The much anticipated wristlet arrives. Oh so cute!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and your journey! We hope you visit our table often! We think your voice will be an encouragement to others as your find your artist's journey and encourage others to find their fancy as well!! Best wishes for more inspiration!
    Chris Ann & Kristin