Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Seven Baskets Full.

sharing the grace i received this morning...the little happening showing me, God is with me.

background - my stomach has been in knots worrying about alyssa, my first born girl, how she won’t talk about her college preferences, or anything really.  i’ve been praying for our relationship.  this teen rebellion against mom has been killing me.  the eye rolls, the snippy comments, the walking on egg shells, the not knowing what i can or can not say or often sends me to bed in tears.

alyssa and  her friends have this little wednesday lunch thingy.  the moms take  turns bringing a home cooked meal to this little group of friends.  she sprung  this on me last week, two days before my week. now, apparently the  other moms live for this opportunity...but i was in a panic!  i can’t  cook...what do i bring that will stay warm...what would finicky teen girls  want to eat...yada yada. not to mention, i can't mess this up...she needs me again!

the day prior to my wednesday date, i took a deep breath and  set off on a field trip to the grocery store. i got a little of this and a little of that thinking i could surely pull some kind of pasta thingy together and I would win them over with some home baked cookies.   that i can do!

on my way out of Giant parking lot i  receive a text from alyssa, “how about Panera bread bowls?” the travelers behind me must have been wondering who was this cukey lady jumping  for joy at the red light! 
that evening Alyssa informed me that my week was  postponed till the following wednesday because some of the girls would not be  in school.

so today is my week and 7 bread bowl soups from Panera it  is!  i started my morning off making some homemade M&M cookies.   in between batches i read today’s mass readings and my morning devotion...titled-
SEVEN  baskets full.  the story where Jesus feeds the crowd with seven loaves of bread.  Matthew  15:37.  “the number 7 is used to represent completeness or fullness.   Jesus is ready to give us more than we need.  trust that God will provide for each of us more than enough.”
i resisted the urge to  photo copy the devotion and staple it to the Panera bag.  i think that may be more than enough for any 17 year old.  :)  i’m going with yesterday’s  devotion that “a warm embrace can speak more powerfully than a scripture  passage”.  or in this case...some warm soup!

the scripture passage  was for me, this morning, timed perfectly for today, seven bread bowls for seven friends.  i’m trusting that my prayer for them will be more than  enough!

today is the anniversary of my father-in-law's entrance into heaven.  he had a special bond with his peanut, alyssa, his first born grandchild. 

i believe he is intervening and all will be well! 



 this part handmade by ME!

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