Saturday, January 1, 2011

Words for 2011

My word for 2011 is DREAM.  some would say i'm living vicariously through my children.  lindsay lou's word is DREAM too.  grace is in the thick of writing and illustrating a book... Polly's DREAM.  
but wherever i go, DREAM, is there too.  DREAM is screaming for me to pay attention.  "do you see me?" she says.  "i'm right here.  look up.  follow me.  fly.  you can do it."
WISH is right there with her.  she says, "if WISHes were DREAMs, only LOVE would be." 
i DREAM of what i WISH to be when i grow up... an artist?... a writer?  
but really, i am living my DREAM... to be a wife and mother.  it's all i ever really wanted to be.  
and now i wonder if maybe my DREAM to be a mother was designed perfectly so  that i could guide these daughters to discover their talents and gifts so that they could be the artist and writer, or whatever they DREAM to be.
alyssa is preparing to fly from the nest in search of her DREAMs, while clutching onto childhood.
lindsay, my DREAMer, has the courage to follow her DREAMs. i long for a pinch of that courage. 
emma runs like a kite in the wind as her DREAMs  try to keep up.
amazing grace has a spirit only seen in DREAMs. it's pure.  it's child-like.  it's carefree.
me?  i'll continue to live the DREAM.   
i'll close my eyes and WISH upon a star.
i'll open my eyes and continue to DREAM.
...and what will i see? 
only LOVE will be.

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