Thursday, July 28, 2011


moving mountains today.  day 2 of c25k.  that is couch to 5k, a training program designed to get the non-runner off her butt and out the door! :) i live with a family of distance runners.  my running experience consists of one year on the track team as a high school freshman where i thought i was going to die...followed by 3 years of taking stats. i like the idea of running.  i really do.  but when i try it, that same feeling like i'm gonna die fear creeps back in.  
i've tried the couch to 5k before. the program alternates between walking and running.  the first week you run for 60 seconds then walk for 90 seconds, repeating that for 20 minutes.  then it gradually builds up over the next 9 weeks to more running as you build strength.  i figured i could do for 60 seconds at a time.  the program made sense.  i just grew tired of looking down at a watch every 3 seconds wishing for the 60 seconds to move a little quicker.
well guess what?  now there is a app for that!  c25k!  i can listen to my own music (to distract me from feeling like i'm gonna die) and...ding...i hear my virtual coach telling me to walk...or to run.  he even tells me when i'm half way there.
just completed day 2 of my c25k app with my faithful canine friend, sir leo, and the tunes of ingrid michaelson. (my favorite...mountains and the sea..."you can move me, if you want can move a mountain...") i resisted the urge to look down at ol' yeller, cruising by my side in a brisk walk.  no app for that.
i hesitate to post this, but i do, for the universe and for possibly a follower or two, to hold me accountable as i move this mountain!

-lil' miss mya on the right.  is that a hopeful smile?  ...hoping she will get to go next time.

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