Thursday, July 21, 2011


senior picture time again.  gosh, didn't we just do this?  yep... just last year with daughter #1.  here we go again.  hours staring at a computer screen trying to pick a favorite.  not an easy task. 
we've come along way baby...remembering my senior pic...high neck ruffled blouse, scared smile, permed hair, bangs tightly rolled with a curling iron.
this gal captured my daughter's light, her personality, her smile, her dreamy brown eyes...and she posted it here.  love it!
happy 17th birthday blessings to my brown-eyed girl! may all your dreams come true.

-self-portrait photograph by Lindsay, taken in Savannah where she dreams of going to art school for photography

- Brown Eyed Girl,  Van Morrison

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  1. Great photo! Thanks for stopping by our Table! We love meeting new people. It's pretty nice over here too!
    ~Kristin & Chris Ann