Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dream With Me... my graceful bee.

 Some time ago I wrote this post

     "how cool would it be to one day feature gracey's blog in this magazine?  remembering the day we sat together and began the adventure of creating it."
  COOL showed up in my inbox one November evening, with an email from the editor of Stampington magazine, wanting to know if Grace and I would like to write an article to be published in their winter issue of Create with Me.
  If only words could capture the excitement Grace and I felt.  Grace skipped off to bed beaming.  I thought I'd pee my pants.  They needed the article in four days!  It's one thing to dream, but when the dream is right in front of you, it's another thing to catch it.
  The next morning I found my inspiration in this treasure scribbled in Grace's bedside notebook. 

 And the magazine arrives in the mail!

And we make a trip to Barnes & Noble to see it on the newsstand for ourselves...


- Colors, April Smith and the Great Picture Show

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